Iron Kingdoms

A New Book

As one book ends, another is opened.

Five strangers set foot in the decimated town of Corvis. An evil chill fills the gaps in the cobblestone streets, and much of the town looks as though it has seen a machine of war at it’s doorsteps.

Shortly after the 5 strangers meet, they come upon two things: an advertisement for recruiting of Privateer Marshals within the Cygnaran Kingdom, and several armed watchmen surrounding a clock tower.

The lead marshall, Severo, explains that a war did indeed take place several days ago. The attackers were stopped and their kind fled; some fled into the ravaged city to avoid death. It just so happens a few of them got together, and are bargaining for their lives by threatening the lives of others. Several from the opposing army, of a race called the Skorne, are holding a few members of the town hostage. Were the strangers to help with the skorne leftovers, they could eaily find endorsements for the work they each set out to be a part of.

Together the strangers set out to the clocktower… and they learned about the other people that they stood shoulder to shoulder with:
- A Brute of a trollkin; wielding a greatsword.
- A robot sporting a lasso & large sap.
- A masked rogue with a dark secret.
- A short, gruff dwarf with tremendous hand-to-hand tactics.
- A quiet loner who goes against the grain of the crowd.



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