Iron Kingdoms

Page 2: Stow-aways

A new day, a new meal, and a new mission

The individuals are each propositioned by the Captain of the Watch, Julian Helstrom to help ferret out some of the skorne hiding out throughout the city. With the reward being letters of Character and a signed contract of service to the Cygaran Watchmen, they were each of the mind that it was too good of an offer to miss.

The individuals rest for the evening at the Buccaneer Bass inn; not far from theCorvis docks. Amongst the nautical themed inn the group shares drink and surprisingly well-cooked food. The entire menu are crab & potato cakes, fish stew, picked riverfish with pickled okra, and broiled riverfish… each dish sampled by the stout dwarf. The men each begin to learn a little more of the others they will be working with.

With the dawn comes coffee, breakfast (in many forms), and a commotion not far from the docks. A greasy gobber retreats to the Buccaneer Bass clutching a stump where his arm used to be. He barely has wits enough to hide from his unseen foe. The new acquaintances each begin to head towards the docks.

…when the smoke clears, a large ship drifts back and forth in the waterway; its wheel damaged by a catapult. A steamjack lay at the bottom of the riverbed next to the concrete docks, and near a dozen dead skorne litter one stretch of the docks. More well-armored ones lat strewn about, the most noteworthy hangs from a rope at the side of the docks; his head blown off at close range. The men who were beginning breakfast not 20 minutes ago are seen here as well, battered to a poor state, some barely standing.

The Captain of the watch manages to catch up to the mercenaries, quite pleased that they were able to handle such a large number of hideouts. He lets the group in on some news. His scouts in town inform him that the majority of the remaining Skorne in town are nominal, and are hardly organized. The majority of the skorne officers have been either captured, or killed; with a good bit of the credit going to the characters. Captain Hellstrom thankfully endorses letters of character, and auxilliary Contracts of Service to the Cygnaran Watchmen.

The men have each fulfilled their requirements to apply to the Cygnaran Marshals.



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