Renee Dubois

An old, standard-bearer of Llael, uprooted from retirement and struggling to find a new life.


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Level 8: Marshal 5 / Outcast Champion 3
Race: Human
HP: 43
AC: 21 (Touch 11, Flat-Footed 20)
Init: + 1
Speed: 20 (30, but heavy armor)
DR: 1 All or 2
F:8 R:3 W:7

Masterwork Military Pistol + 10; 2d6, 19-20 *3
80 feet, 4-pack ammo, Reload: Standard Action

Darkrazer Long Sword (Uses 2-handed) + 14 / + 9; d8 + 6; 17-20 *2
+ 4; Keen; Undead Bane

Type 1 Fragmentation Grenade + 9 DMG: 2d10 fire damage
10 ft radius; Reflex 15

Type 2 Fragmentation Grenade + 9 DMG: 3d10 fire damage
10 ft radius; Reflex 17

Other Equipment:
Full Plate, Armored Greatcoat, Travelling Papers, Military Pistol (in addition), Standard Pistol, 4 Mark 1 Grenades, 3 Mark 2 Grenades.
7200 gp

Special Abilities:
Attack bonus: Good (Black Steam war Rules for Martial)
Grant Move Action 1/day,
Aura Of Confidence (+ O.C. level to allies’ Will saves within 30ft.)
Avenging Strike – 1/day/CHA Mod (+ d6 dmg per O.C. Level to foe that damaged an ally in the past 24 hours.)
Major Auras (+ 1 Mod.): Motivate Ardor (Bonus Damage), Hardy Soldiers (DR)
Minor Auras (CHA): Motivate DEX, Motivate STR, Accurate Hits (Crit Confirm)

B-Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Endurance, Point Blank Shot, Distracting Attack, Precise Shot.

Distracting Attack: (Pg:25 Miniatures Handbook) When you make a Melee attack against a creature, whether you are successful or not, all other creatures get a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls on that creature until the start of your next turn.

Skills: (X=Cross Class; Modifier = Ability Mod + Ranks + Misc)
X-Appraise: 5 = 2 + 3
Climb: 6 = 2 + 4
Diplomacy: 15 = 3 + 9 + 3
X-Heal: 5 = 2 + 3
Intimidate: 10 = 3 + 7
Knowledge – History: 7 = 2 + 5
Listen: 12 = 2 + 10
Sense Motive: 8 = 2 + 6
Spot: 12 = 2 + 10
Survival: 6 = 2 + 4
X-Treat Injury: 7 = 2 + 5


Long retired from his service in the 150-years war, this Standard-Bearer of Llael had a quiet life. When a little girl had gone missing in his border town (located between the Llael and Ordic Kingdoms), the town militia organized to try to find her. After weeks of being missing, and the townspeople becoming more and more suspicious of each other, a small group began to meet in secret and began searching homes within the town. Along the way they found Renee’s old Llaelese armor, along with the standard flag he kept. The town, having been ravaged during the war by a rogue faction of Llaelese troops , began to suspect Renee of wrong-doing, and being a part of the girl’s disappearance. A victim of the mob-mentality, Renee was forced out of his home with nothing but his armor, and his dull sword to accompany him on the road…

With some bitternet in his heart, and his loyalty to Llael faltering, he made his way south along a well-travelled road and had to stay over at a wayhouse inn along the way. There he met other travellers headed south to Corvis, and formed an unexpected alliance with them during an incident at the inn. Later in Corvis, the bond with the other travellers was reinforces as they began to involve themselves in protecting the City from an army of undead; led by the wayward niece of the City’s highest ranking holy man.

After striking a bargain with Alexia, the niece, the town began the repair work. A few days after, Renee and his new companions learned of Alexia’s plot to resurrect her mother in a far-off mechanized temple, and were quickly on their way to the deep jungle to put a stop to her plans. After battling with gatormen, robots, zombies, razor-bats, divine spellcasters, members of the inquisition, and Alexia herself, Renee and the rest of the adventuring party recovered the Witchfire and watched Alexia fall to her death. With the blade recovered, the party made their way back to Corvis, minus 1 town guard who fell in battle on the journey. With all quiet, and the party arriving in Corvis, they learned that Vinter Raelthorn, the ursurped king, had returned with an army, and claimed Corvis as his own. Renee, Bruce, and Derek, having little time to dress their wounds from the jungle expedition, rallied and extracted Father Dumas from the Corvis prison where he was being tortured. With the help of another freed inmate, Zane Eveshroud, the party escaped and went into hiding… hoping that the nightmare of Martial Law would end quickly.

Renee Dubois

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