A man wearing a mask of iron to hide his hideous appearance.


I was once a man unlike any other….I had everything I could possibly dream of. I had money, I had power, I had a loving family, and I had a good job…..Until the fire that is.

When i was a boy, my mother and father sent me off to the finest school of wizardry my parents thinking that because i was so intelligent for my age that i would have a knack for the profession. The wizards were impressed by my ability to absorb knowledge and learn the many languages but magical aptitude i did not possess. But since my parents did pay for my schooling i was forced to stick it out. Fortunitly, there was one person there who was adept at quick movements of the blade and magic and Elf but the others refered to him as some kind of an Arcane trickster. I never really knew what it all ment but he taught me that strength is not always the key in battle, but the ability to identify your oppentents weaknesses and the use of finese.
My schooling lasted til the day my mother and father were killed in a robbery. That is the day i was forced to take over the family business. I really never was that interested in explosives but i wanted to make my family prowd and do the right thing.
When war came I avoided it as most nobles did I paid for someone else to go off to war for me, when someone else is willing to put there life on the line for money. Why not have them go instead? After all, his family greatly benefited from the money his two children were able to go to the doctors and get a proper education, his wife was finally able to have proper family meals. I factory I owned produced explosives and with the war going so well life was even more profitable. Then they came……a few brutish looking fellows and one weasely one they told me they wanted to offer me protection and a lot of bad things happen to good people during war times. Insulted by them trying to pick me clean I threw them out. Telling them I didn’t need there protection.
That night I went home the same as any other. I had dinner with the family roasted duck I think it was. My son and daughter wanted me to read them a bed time story but I was too busy with paper work that night. I simply kissed my children good night and eventually crawled into bed around midnight. I was woken by the screams of my wife and children. The men had caught me off guard and there was an Ogren with them. I remember seeing one dragging my wife away and then all I remember is the butt of the gun smacking me in the face. I awoke tied to a chair covered in oil….the hole house was just covered in oil. My children lay dead on the floor my wife who had obviously been raped hung from a noose in front of me. The smell of the man’s cigar is one that I will never forget even over the overpowering scent of oil that filled my nose. I watched as he lit his cigar and then dropped the match to the floor. Then all there was was fire.


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