Character Creation

Our heroes…
Factions rule the land in it’s entirety. Your characters will most likely hail from a land in the strife of war. They will ultimately travel a different path then that of the war itself, but will see its influences everywhere. What you will need are as follows:

- Give your character a reason for not being directly involved in the war or any of its factions. Whether you be a criminal, a refugee, a loner, deserter, or petty informant, your character MUST have a reason for not enlisting in an army.

- A background. This will go along with why you are not enlisted in an army. This will be discussed between the player and the DM privately. Discussing characters is fine – but do not let it get in the way of the role-playing. (Remeber; what you know, and what your character knows are two vastly different things.)

- Characters should have a uniqueness to them. Whether they have a specific item they will enjoy using, or a class direction you want to take them, or even a physical flaw – please make them stand out in some way. the characters will be archetypes in thier own right; please do not short-change them.

- Classes will be discussed individually. Most core classes are acceptable, both in DnD and D20 Modern, though any with magic will be more challenging as a role. (Society is beginning to shy away from magic. Playing a spellcaster will be regarded with much scruitiny, and will need to be role-played accordingly.) Please do not begin creating a character until it has been discussed. This will avoid any confusion regarding character overlapping and will aid clarification to the setting. I would encourage any classes that gain spellcasting at later levels to instead choose the non-spellcasting variants (Such as Paladin & Ranger Variants from Complete Warrior.)

- I will have an equipment list made availible. Weapon Groups will be used, and will be discussed during character creation; with one modification. Each class will have 1 additional weapon group. Action points will also be used, and will recharge at 1/day, and our modified version of critical misses will be used. Skill tricks will be discussed and is an option at this point.

- Possible Races at this point (in order of most common to least common) could be Human, Gobber, Skorne, Half-Orc, Ogrun, Trollkin, Iron Born, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf, Half Elf.

- Some skills will be modified. Heal will become treat injury and will use the modifed d20 modern rules. (+1/every 5 above the success DC.) For all purposes, Treat Injury will replace Heal in all other features and fashions. Knowledge Monster will not be made availible; we will continue to use monster subtypes divided into the current knowledge categories. Spellcraft can still be used, though Use Magic Device will not be made availible. Also a few new ones will be added: Repair, Knowledge: Mechanika, Jack Handling, Craft: Mech Stuff, and Craft: Chemical. The repair skill will function much in the same way as Treat Injury, but for constructs.

- Regions and basic cultures will be fleshed out as we continue to progress through the campaign. Each player will need to give their character a land/region that they hail from. Regions may or may not have specific minor benefits based on their areas.

- Characters will be role-played as well as roll-played. Please pick a character you are comfortable talking through.

- Characters will have 80 stat points plus normal level increases for inflated characters, and will use the DnD scaling provided. (18 for max, 3 for min; plus racial adjustments.)

- Starting Gold will be determined as per level. This has been deterined to be Level 5: 9,000gp.

- Alignments are modified. The core alignments will no longer be used, and will be replaced by allegiances. These allegiances will be a cause that each character values and will choose as part of their personality. Allegiances can be any cause that your charater deems important to him or her. Some examples of possible allegiances are; Altruism, Survival, Betterment of Society, Personal Profit, Peace, Chaos, Destruction, Kingdom, The Law [Specify Region or General], Justice, Revenge. Allegiances are not limited to the previous examples. Thusly, protection spells, symbols, and other alignment-based specifics will be addressed as allegiances.

Character Creation

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