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Syringes, and Balms: Serving the same effect as potions, spells are no longer distilled into flasks and vials for consumption. Rather, they are manufactured into syringes for easy injection, pills for easy transportation, and balms for longevity of shelf-life. Each kind of effect can only be made into certain formats. Syringes require a move action to use personally and a standard action with a touch attack to apply to an ally, whereas balms require a full-round action to apply regardless of on whom.

Healing Equipment:

Heal Grease
Heal Grease Plus
Mega-Heal Grease
Heal Grease-X

Cure Light Wounds Syringe
Cure Moderate Wounds Syringe
Cure Serious Wounds Syringe
Cure Critical Wounds Syringe

Other Equipment:

Luma-Fog Goggles


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