Morrow (NG): The lord of goodness and light, and is worshipped by most humans. Said to ascended to goddom along with his fraternal sister; Thamar.
The Domains of Morrow: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Strength, Travel, War
Diety Weapon: Heavy Mace or Sword

Thamar (NE): The fraternal twin sister to Morrow, Thamar is the patron of the selfish and wicked. Said to ascended to goddom along with her fraternal brother; Morrow.
The Domains of Thamar: Death, Destruction, Evil, Luck, Magic, Trickery, War
Diety Weapon:Morningstar or Dagger

Menoth (LN): Credited by many with creating the world, Menoth followers feel that man’s place is to serve his creator, and his reward is to pass quietly into oblivion.
The Domains of Menoth*: Knowledge, Law, Strength and War. Diety Weapon:Flail

*Scrutators have access to the Evil & Destruction domains as well.

Cyriss (TN): Known as the Maiden of Gears, Clockwork Goddess, and Mistress of Numbers; the most devout followers of Cyriss believe that machines are holy, and those who build and tend them are society’s superior caste.
The Domains of Cyriss: Knowledge, Protection and Travel.
Diety Weapon: Light Mechano-flail

The Devourer Wurm (CN): Known as The Beast of Many Shapes, Lord of Predators, and the Unsleeping One; The Devourer is an ancient force of natural chaos which hates everything civilized. It is also the ancient foe of Menoth, and the bane of humanity’s creator.
The Domains of The Devourer: Animal, Chaos, Strength and Destruction.
Diety Weapon: Axe (any)

The Greatfathers (LG): The dwarves do not have a single patron deity. Instead, they worship a group of divine forefathers, the thirteen paragons that spawned their race. Each Great Father is, practically speaking, a demigod, though dwarven folk only worship them as a lawful good unity. An individual Great Father is never singled out as a cleric’s sole patron, for this is considered disrespectful and ignorant. *Although some humans find it surprising, the majority of clerics of the Great Fathers are female.
The Domains of the Greatfathers: Earth, Good, Healing, Law and War.
Diety Weapon: Warhammer


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