Note: Humans speak a wide variety of languages across the kingdoms, and there are a number of “dead” archaic tongues in use by scholars. Each kingdom has its own tongue, although Cygnaran has become the dominant language among humanity and serves as a common trade language throughout the realm.

Cygnar – Cygnaran
Dead Language(s): Ancient Caspian

Khador – Khadoran. Literacy is not necessarily common in Khador.
Dead Language(s): Ancient Khard

Llael – Llaelese

Ord – Ordic, which shares some roots with Caspian & Molgur. Ordic is slowly dying out and Cygnaran is very commonly spoken in Ord.

Protectorate of Menoth – Cygnaran (“Sulese” dialect. Many religious leaders also know Khadoran and Khard.
Dead Language(s): Ancient Caspian and Ancient Khard

Other Kingdoms:
Rhul – Rhulic. Most dwarves also speak Cyganaran
Dead Language(s): Dol-Rhul


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