Setting: The 150 year war.

The world is at war. Large kingdoms span influence across the large continent of Immoren. The face of this great land is the stage of conflict. It is a time of armies and technology; a time of Metal and Industry. The world is evolving; shying away from magiks and fantastic conjurations and now harnesses the power of steam and iron in an age of Science. All but the most venerable and secretive of spell-casters have lost the ability to imbue magic into items… thus making the existing magic even more of an oddity. Cities have grown large amongst the smoke of iron and industry. Guns & black powder are mass-produced and vast armies collide in ever-changing landscapes. Legions of riflemen, abandoning the idea of bows, stand alongside infantry with sword and shield. Large metal Steam Jacks toil building homes, moving cargo crates for ships, and carry massive sledgehammers amid armies of soldiers. Factions and armies change the sphere of influence among the kingdoms rapidly… the world, and all those who desire to end war struggle to survive in the chaos.
The humans command the large part of the industrial continents while the fantasy creatures of old have migrated to a dark cluster of islands far away; one from which it is rumored that no mortal has returned to tell any tales. The dwarves have moved underground, into their vast mountains, and have all but severed their ties to the outside world. They have no desire to be a part of man’s destruction of the world, or his petty squabbles; though occasionally they still trade to survive. The elves may yet survive in the remaining natural climes in secret; far away from the war machine of man… …or do they? The Gnomes and Halflings, having no homeland to retreat to, are scattered about the land. Unable to create a new society of their own, they assimilated into local cultures, barely surviving amongst the trampled battlefields and siege cities. Dragons, the great and mystical creatures of old have perished one by one to man’s machines and the decimating of the natural realm. Great mystical cities have long since been torn down… buried under the progressing of the world and new technologies. Once great capitols lay crushed and covered under the rocky streets of the new… …their treasures never to see the light of day again.

Iron Kingdoms

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