Iron Kingdoms


The Skorne Army is stopped but at a terrible price.

The sun is blackened over where leaders clashed. Alexia; still alive has now completely lost her mind. She remembers nothing of the Witchfire being destroyed by Duteous in Bruce’s hand, nor of the death of Vahn Oberen at the point of her blade.

The explosion of arcane death from the Witchfire also caused a great necromantic disaster. Not only has the ground in Corvis become fouled by it’s magik, but the dead as far as the eye can see have risen up and now plague the countryside; attacking anything they see with disordered bloodlust.

Bruce, Derrik and Renee are called heroes in some light, and doombringers in others. For defeating the Skorne – which were poised to move on to the capital, they are hailed as the saviors of Cygnar. For bringing about an undead plague across the land, they are loathed. After audience with the current King Leto, they are met with mixed blessings. Currently the heroes scour the country side in an attempt to bring a second rest to the walking dead. The king has assured them though of a tract of land and a small area as a reward for halting the ursurpers.

But that story is left for another day.



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