Derek P Law

5th Level Rogue with feats, 2nd Level Combat Trapsmith


Strength – 12
Dexterity – 14
Constitution – 14
Intelligence – 18
Wisdom – 15
Charisma – 8

Hp – 55
Ac – 17 (Uncanny Dodge) – Retains Dex when flatfooted

Fortitude – 5
Reflex – 9 (Evasion) – On a successful save for half instead suffer no damage
Will – 3

MegaCal Rifle (Masterwork) Attack Bonus +7 Damage 2d8
Critical 19-20/x3 Range 190 Type Piercing
Standard Cartridge Pistol 4 shot Attack Bonus +6 Damgage 2d4
Critical 19-20/x3 Range 60 Type Piercing
Quarterstaff Attack Bonus +5 Damage 1d6+1
Critical x2 Range nil Type Bludgeoning
Dagger Attack Bonus +5/+6 Damage 1d4+1
Critical 19-20/x2 Range nil/10 Type Piercing or slashing/Piercing

Education – CS page 38 – all skills are class skills
Abled Learner – RoD page 150 – cross class skills only cost one point per rank
Point Blank Shot – PhB page 98 – +1 to ranged attacks and damage within 30 feet
Precise Shot – PhB page 98 – ignore -4 penalty on ranged attacks when firing into melee
Quick Reconnolter – CAd page 112 – make one spot and listen check each round as a free
action, and gain a +2 to initiative checks
Improved Toughness – CW page 101 – gain 1 bonus hp for every level you gain
Rapid Reload – you down the time it takes to reload a weapon by one category

Rogue Abilities
Trap finding – can find traps using the search skill
Trap sense – +2 – gains a bonus on reflex saves and dodge bonus to Ac versus traps

Combat Trapsmith Abilities
See page 35 Complete Scoundrel


At age 19 Derek is the youngest member of the adventuring party. He has a keen mind and is adapt at the construction and utilization of destructive devices. Because of this knack he was years ago put to work making weapons and working on parts for steamjacks. He tired of being partly responsible for hurting others who may not all be deserving of this fate and left his position. On the road attempting to make a name for himself he met two other men who had each a background in military service. He has came to depend on these two as adventurers do and considers both close friends even if he has only known them for a short while. Although he came from a semi wealthy family his mannerism and look on life is surprisingly lite as all he needs is a device and something to take it apart with.

Derek P Law

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